When We Gather


There is something powerful that happens when we gather together in the name of Jesus. Its not a feeling or emotion but a promise, a promise straight from the lips of our Savior, Jesus. In Matthew 18:20 He said "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." The beauty in this verse is that it tears apart all the notions of programming and planning we do for church, a weekend service, event, time of worship… and simplifies it to this… When we gather in the name of Jesus, He is with us!

Now there is nothing wrong with the programming and planning, this new record has had lots of planning, programming, thoughts and ideas thrown in and out.  But in the end what matters is that we gather and come expecting and knowing that God will be with us even if all the lights break, sound goes out and there is nothing else but 2, 3 or more of us. How wonderful to know and be reminded that what God desires is just us.

Because of this, we are excited for this next step through our new record, When We Gather. The songs have become for us the tool by which we gather. Our desire over the past 10 months was to create a record with this thought process in mind - to create songs for the church to come together and gather for our King - to glorify, shout, declare, proclaim, honor, lift high, remember, celebrate, rejoice, and know that we are His children, one body united that will see God's presence and power alive in our gathering.

We are excited to share, When We Gather, with you. These songs are meant as an encouragement for believers to gather together believing God's promise to be with us and to see Him move among us. We pray this is a blessing to you as you gather in community to worship.

rock hard worship harder