Watoto Worship Camp 2015

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THE TEAM – Markus Huber, Sean Curran, Josh Silverberg, Zach Brose, Tim Gugudan, Josh Bronleewe, Hannah Hobbs, Andrew Young,



Song "Thank You" by Watoto

We are excited to announce that this May we will be bringing a team of 10 Musicians, Song Writers and Music Producers from Nashville, New York and Sydney with us to Watoto, in Uganda to put on the first Watoto Worship Camp for the children there. We have partnered with Watoto for the past 5 years and love each opportunity we get to serve with them.

Watoto, currently, has more than 3,000 orphans in their care. These children live in three communities that have been built by Watoto Church and their church partners around the world. In these communities, which are operated by the outreach arm of Watoto Church, the children receive the holistic care they to need to develop into the people God wants them to become. More than 70 choirs, made up of children from their children’s communities, have travelled around the world telling their stories and inviting people to partner with Watoto as they continue to rescue Africa’s orphans and widows.

The choirs offer the children the opportunity to develop many aspects of their personal lives. Through musical training they learn about discipline and team work. They also learn how to lead worship. When the children return from their tours, they have grown in many different areas of their personal as well as spiritual lives. As a result of the number of children who have travelled with the Watoto Children’s Choir, more than a thousand children have received basic music training. Some of these children are exceptionally gifted, and Watoto has noticed the need to help develop the special talents of these children. It is a tremendous task to maintain the basic care of a community that consists of 3,000 orphans and the 400 foster mothers that care for them. Though they may desire to design and implement a creative arts program that nurtures the talents of these gifted children, it is often the case that the resources are channeled into more pressing areas of the organization.

One of Watoto’s greatest needs is to engage with skilled people – musicians and educators – who share their passion to cultivate a vibrant, relevant creative culture in the children’s communities; people who, like them, are driven to help raise future worship leaders. Worship is the purpose for this creative culture. Worship will provide direction and momentum. Spending time with these kids you see very easily that the children are eager to learn. Many of them have taken the initiative to teach themselves how to play instruments and organize themselves into bands, choirs and dance troupes. It is remarkable how skilled they have become without any guidance. We are excited to see what quality and art they will create for their generation when they are given intentional support and direction. We are so excited to take this amazing team to teach and encourage these amazing students.

THANK YOU – For those of you who have purchased a Watoto Paper Bead Necklace or gave generous donations. We are ever thankful. Not only are we bringing this amazing team but a whole lot of gear to teach with and leave for these students. This would not be possible without you and the help our amazing partner churches – Family Worship Center in Springfield, VA, LifePoint in Clarksville, TN, GT in Reading, PA, Journey Church in Kenosha, WI and Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle in Smithtown, NY.

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Thank You!


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