Trust Over Control

It seems like this has been our journey pretty much since the beginning of our time on the road. There is a hope that as time goes on trusting will become easier... almost second nature.


At times it has and then at other times it has been quiet the effort. Over the past 18 months this quote from a friend has reminded us that we are not in control and that maintaining control will only lead to worry and frustration... we know... we've tried to control many things, but God keeps stretching our trust in Him and time and time again He comes through... even in moments that seem hopeless He makes the perfect way, the timely connection, the provision unexplained. We'll be honest... it would be nice to have a better knowledge of what's going on and clear directions way out in advance, but what we do know is that he said "go and trust me"... really what else can we do. The irony is worrying about one thing as God is clearly unfolding a miracle in another... remembering what He has done and can do is vital. Right now there are a few larger stories unfolding that we believe God would rather us trust than control so... here we go again... letting go and letting the amazing peace of God flood our hearts and minds as we trust in His faithful timing and wisdom. Trust over Control. Peace over Frustration. 

- Brad