On The Flip Side

So its been a while since we checked in and gave a full update. Lets start here... God has been faithful. He has provided and he has healed. On April 23, 2018 Rebekah's Cancerous Tumor was removed and on June 26, 2018 she received a clean scan. In 7 months we went from the worst news we could ever imagine with mountain in front of mountain to being on the flip side of things and heading back on the road this week! Praise God! 


Rebekah and the littles have spent the summer in TN with her parents and Brad has spent most of it going back and forth between PHX and TN to lead with our family and friends at Christ Church of the Valley, who have been so gracious in offering us so many extra weekends this year to allow time to heal. 

Ayden... in case you missed it appeared in Southwest Airlines in flight Magazine for completing 300+ flights... and the advertiser next to the article... MD Anderson Houston where Rebekah was treated... So God. So Good! 

While this time has been different than expected we are beginning to see new songs birthed from this season... we're still going to first enjoy getting out and sharing songs from our latest project "Sound of Heaven", but its been exciting and healing to begin to see and hear the words and melodies of our story. Very thankful for some of the amazing writing session we've had with CCV Music and a very special week in Atlanta with Housefires, Brandon Lake, Dustin Smith, Influence Music, Corey Voss, Sean Curran, Brett Younker and many more. 

Now what? Well its time to hit the road and share what God has done. We have 10 dates this fall on the road and you can see where we'll be HERE. We will be releasing a new music video for A Thousand Wedding Bells this Friday 9/7, Hitting Radio with "I Am Found" soon and in the next month we have a special short story about our record and health journey that we’re excited to share. We'll also be doing a local Christmas Concert in Phoenix this year and a special Live Stream this November as we celebrate 10 years of ministry. We have a lot to be thankful for and we can't wait to continue to tell the story of Gods Faithfulness. 

Regarding Rebekah's health - Recovery is going well, and while most of the process is done the next 5 years of our life will be filled with frequent trips to Houston for follow up CT Scans... its nerve racking each time, but we're thankful we're on this side the journey and look forward to continuing to celebrate the miracle. Her first event back in August was great! 

And now after a crazy summer of time apart we're just happy to be back together doing our little travel family thing... 

We want to take a moment to say thank you. There are to many to count and name, but we have been overwhelmed in all the good ways by prayer and care from so many individuals and churches around the world. It is humbling to say the least. If you've ever wondered if your words of kindness and prayers, whether spoken, texted, left as a comment on picture or voicemail, mean anything we can 100% tell you they did. Every word read, every prayer listened to over and over again. From the bottom up our hearts with every ounce of gratitude we thank you. We have journeyed better and stronger because of you.  

So far this year has brought a very intersting journey. Nothing like we dreamed, but we've seen God at work and believe for greater things as we continue to trust in Him. Hope to see you out on the road this fall or next year. Thank you for praying with us, encouraging us and just being there to watch God unfold our story. We pray that our story encourages and reminds you that God is moving, even when we can't see and don't understand. "Rejoice, Rejoice Oh My Soul! He is good, He is always good."