Hope in the Madness

"His ways are higher"... In the past few months knowing this truth has taken us from times of great questions and frustration to moments of peace and hope. We have watch as time and time again God has shown himself faithful.


On Monday morning January 29th, Rebekah felt a hard mass on the left side of her abdomen. She received a stat ultrasound and then CT by her GP and was sent to the Emergency Room on Thursday where a second CT was done. As we waited in a crowded ER for results we were told Rebekah would be admitted and that the mass she had appeared to be an inoperable liposarcoma (soft tissues) cancer. We were stunned and endured the evening with many prayers and support, but mainly by God's grace. The following morning we met with an oncologist who felt very confident there was one surgeon in Phoenix who could remove the tumor and ordered an MRI. What a difference 12 hours can make. It was a huge sigh of relief in the chaos of the moment. That same day our record SOUND OF HEAVEN, went live for Pre-Order and it felt very clear that we were under an attack. After 4 years of work we just pressed on knowing we would not let the enemy win.

An oncologist family friend recommended we check out MD Anderson Houston and their Sarcoma Center. After meeting with the oncologist and surgeon in the PHX the following week we felt we should check out our options and pursued MD Anderson. Both the surgeon in PHX and original Oncologist also felt MD Anderson Houston would be our best option. God opened the door to go within a few days and on Feb 15th, the day before our record released, we sat with the head surgeon in the sarcoma center at MD Anderson having our minds blown with the difference of care and expertise offered. We knew this would be an insurance battle but we felt that this was the right place and God would provide. 

Over the next 2 weeks while we released our record we had every piece of evidence put together for our insurance appeal. It was a time we'll never forget. The celebration of a work God had accomplished in us while beginning another work He alone was orchestrating. 

On Wednesday March 7th after the initial appeal was denied our second peer to peer review was also denied. While we felt very defeated and did quite a lot of homework to find a solution God was already working. The next morning we received a phone call from our insurance advocate. We didn't know we had one of those. Her job - simply to make sure Rebekah receives the best care. She arranged a second, in network, opinion and on Monday, March 12 within 5 minutes of our appointment... we were approved! 

We can’t fully describe that feeling, but we were beyond amazed and in awe of how God provided.

The next week we were in TX for the biopsy which found the tumor to be a slow-growing, fully-encapsulated, low grade liposarcoma. All that meaning... NO CHEMO. We were ready for anything, but that was a very happy moment in the midst of the chaos. 

We’re on our way back to Houston now for pre-op tests and on Monday, 12 weeks from discovery, this thing is coming out!

The journey is far from over and recovery will take time, but we are truly thankful for God’s provision and love. He has not left us, even when it felt hopeless, he was working the miraculous. 

We have been blessed time and time again by the prayers and encouragement from many especially our families, Josh Silverberg, Dustin Smith, Keith and Tasha Smith, our church families at CCV, Fairfax CC, GT Church, Smithtown Gospel Taberbacle as well as many other pastors, churches and individuals. We can not say thank you enough.

Many people have asked how to pray...

  1. We still believe that God can do the miraculous, through surgery or His hand.

  2. Our littles are away from us in until late May and that’s hard on the heart - though they are NY with Nana and Papa B

  3. Emotions are still a struggle even as we trust God - Peace

  4. MD Anderson Surgeons and all involved in the surgery on Monday Morning, April 23

Some have asked if we need anything. Rebekah’s parents have set up a GoFundMe where you can find out more and support. 


April 23rd will be one of the best days... we are nervous and excited but we are believing for great things and are incredibly thankful for God’s hand upon this journey. Thank you for standing with us.

“Some of my favorite words that God speaks in the Bible, in Psalms is where it says he sings over us. What that looks like or sounds like I just can’t quite wrap my head around. But it like a very powerful thing. 

If you’re like me and going through a difficult situation right now and you may feel overwhelmed, those words can bring so much comfort knowing that God is singing over us things that He says are true. 

What the world may be saying about us, What people may be saying about us, What doctors may be saying about us - 

Those things aren’t as true as what the Father says about us. What he’s singing over us. 

The Bible says that God is singing songs of deliverance over us. When we feel defeated and overcome He called us victorious. When we feel weak and unable to withstand the hard times He calls us strong. When we feel worthless and unlovable He calls us His beloved - His treasure, His child. When we feel like we just can’t get out from under those things that hold us down He calls us free!!!” - Rebekah

We've created a Spotify Playlist of songs that have been an encouragement during this time called Songs for Rebekah.

Thank you for standing along side us.