Since 2009 Brad + Rebekah have supported the efforts of Watoto first through a portion of each CD sale and then through the sale of Watoto Paper Bead Necklaces. 100% of these sales go directly to the ministry of Watoto and help facilitate the worship arts programs including Watoto Worship Camp.

Watoto currently has more than 3,000 orphans in their care. These children live in three communities that have been built by Watoto Church and their church partners around the world. In these communities which are operated by the outreach arm of Watoto Church the children receive the holistic care they to need to develop into the people God wants them to become. More than 60 choirs, made up of children from their children's communities have travelled around the world telling their stories and inviting people to partner with Watoto as they continue to rescue Africa's orphans and widows.

If you would like to learn more about Watoto and all their work in Uganda and abroad please visit



After years of sending guitars, drum sets and other musical instruments and gear it was time to dig in deeper and bring some incredibly talented people to teach and invest. In 2015 Brad + Rebekah led the first team of artists, writers and musicians to partner with Watoto in the training and empowering of these incredible students in the worship arts. Since then three additional Worship Camps have taken place and each one has produced incredible growth in the lives and gifting of the students. 

These camps are funded by partner churches, generous donations and the sale of the Watoto Paper Bead Necklaces. If you would like to purchase a Paper Bead Necklace or donate to the funding of these worship camps please click the link below.